Welcome to The Ceci Diaries.

“I believe that everyone in this world has a purpose. What is mine? Well I’m still trying to figure that out. Not only does everyone in this world have a purpose, but more importantly everyone in this world has a story to tell. A story of their life. Sadly, none of us will ever know everyone else’s story, we will only truly know our own. My story isn’t as fun, crazy, or interesting as some people’s, but nevertheless it is mine. This journal is going to be full of poems, stories, and diary entries about me and my life. How I feel, what I think, and what’s going on. So here it goes, I’m writing the story of my life, and I’m writing in pen. Nothing can be erased, but whatever happens, its My Life.”

I wrote this excerpt when I was fifteen years old and first began to become an avid journal/diary writer. Since then I have filled up multiple journals with my words and in the Spring of 2016 I finally decided to compile some of my diary entries (both old and new) into a blog.

I don’t know if anyone (other than my mama) will ever read my words, but my good friend Andrew Aqua once told me: “you can have the greatest thoughts in the world but if you don’t voice them to someone then they aren’t worth anything.” I don’t necessarily believe this to be 100% true as my unvoiced thoughts are worth the world to me, myself, and I, but he had a point.

So here I am, out in the open, sharing some of my most intimate possessions with you on the world wide web: my thoughts.